Debut Event: St. Paddy’s Day Corned Beef

UPDATE: Due to the Atlanta tornado (I know, what are the odds?), our event has been moved to Monday, March 17.

East Atlanta’s independent supperclub debuts with an informal Irish gathering. Our St. Paddy’s Day Feast is intended to help us raise some seed capital for future events. As such, enjoy your succulent corned beef on a paper plate, knowing that your contribution will help us bring your next meal to you on a real plate. Maybe even with silverware.


Our menu is subject to change, pending ingredient availability

Irish Corned Beef, aged 8 days in East Atlanta Brewery‘s homemade porter
Boiled & Beautiful Cabbage, Potatoes & Carrots
Irish Soda Bread
Porter Chocolate Puddin Shots

An East Atlanta Brewery Irish Red will be available, along with a homemade Irish cream whiskey (think Bailey’s), Jameson, and Guinness.

Suggested donation: $10 full meal • $5 veggie
One beverage included with your meal donation; additional beverages available for a small donation. Cash donations only



Saturday, March 17, 2008 at an undisclosed location. Booze information tk.
Event info on Facebook.


Click here to make your reservation. Location details will be emailed to registered guests 24 hours prior to the event. Cash donations accepted at the event.

Mailing List

Can’t make it this time around? No worries, sign up for our mailing list or add our RSS feed and we’ll let you know about our next event.


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