Roll Your Own – Sushi!

veggie sushi

Dear Friends of Rogue –

You talk and we listen – just as many of you are as wild about food as we are! So why on earth should we have all the fun?

Our June 21st event is a Roll Your Own … sushi party, of course. Brace your wrists for an evening learning how to craft delicate vegetarian sushi favorites like roasted garlic, chive and granny smith apple. We’ll divide our guests into teams, and pit them against each other in a friendly competition to come up with the best roll … with lots of guidance, hot hors d’oeuvres, and plenty of delicious infused sakes.


A generous selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a smattering of fresh fish, all prepped and ready for you to roll into your own sushi creations. (Don’t worry – we’ll be on hand to teach you the trade, and offer suggestions on tasty combinations.)

Hors d’oeuveres will include peanut satays, edamame, and other treats.

Drinks and such

Delicious infused sakes will catch you off your guard, and we’ll have a selection of other favorites to infuse your senses.


We’re very excited to announce a partnership with our friends at Urban Cottage, Virginia Highland’s super-cute-and-not-snotty eclectic boutique. In concert with local artist Carla Kaiser, Urban Cottage will be outfitting rogueApron tables with gorgeous tablewares and linens – with a small selection of goodies available for your summer gift-giving.

Dates and Reservations

Join us Saturday, June 21 for an intimate evening in an Old Fourth Ward loft. Make your reservation soon – this is a 20-person event that will sell out quickly. Event on Facebook.

Due to the high cost of sushi-quality fish, we are asking attendees for a $40 donation.

Ah, summer … we can’t wait! June brings us sushi and a big Texas-style BBQ!


New Reservations System!

As you guys know, we’re constantly looking to improve the rogueApron experience. A couple of you had emailed us – “Hey, how do I know if my reservation went through or not?” – and so when we stumbled on the reservations software, we were super excited.

From now on, reservations for rogueApron events can be made on our Eventbrite site, This system makes it a lot easier for us to track our reservations – how many vegetarians, how many meat-lovers, how many vegans – without a lot of cutting and pasting and spreadsheet work.

Eventbrite Screenshots

And the system hopefully makes it easier for you guys by generating a pretty RSVP email that you can save to let you know that, yes, your RSVP did go through!

Eventbrite Screenshots

OK, so you can call us nerds.

Let me know if you have any questions about the new way to RSVP!

Lady Rogue

Coconut Island Recap

RA menu

Dear Internet –

It’s been a few days, but I still have a smile on my face – our Coconut Island Extravaganza was such a smashing success thanks to your support!

It was really inspirational to see so many great folks come together to help us put together a social dining experience. In just under a few hours, we went from an empty backyard to a full-fledged party – it was really magical to watch.

Many thanks go out to Scott for the tent canopy, Mass for the tables, Molly and Casey for being greeters, Molly and Broderick for taking awesome pictures, Kristin for being her usual super-helpful self, for doing our signage, the Powe boys for helping with setup, Carrington for donating wine, Russ for sourcing our music, and Jenn and Eddie for doing such a bombass job helping us clean up.

As always, much appreciation to East Atlanta Brewery for partnering with us – I’m still thinking of their delicious Nutmeg Witber and the Roasted Coconut Porter.

And on a final note – thanks to all of you who came out and supported rogueApron – we really couldn’t do any of it without you. Please sign our guestbook and let us know what you thought!


Lady Rogue


Grilling Pineapple (credit: Broderick)


Coconut-Porter Marinated Tofu (credit: Broderick)

Tommy (credit: Broderick)


rogueApron sparkling water (credit: Broderick)


Adam (credit: Broderick)


Eddie sniffing our Spicy Tangerine Vodka (credit: Broderick)

Shot upon entrance

The ‘welcome shot’ … (credit: Molly)


Mass (credit: Broderick)

EAB x 2

EAB beers on tap (credit: Broderick)


Eating on the floor (credit: Molly)


Empty plates (credit: Broderick)

the food line up

Demolished buffet line (credit: Molly)

the little cup of decliciousness

Pineapple Coconut Truffles with a Papaya Granita (credit: Molly)

For more rogueApron pictures, visit our pool on Flickr.