New Reservations System!

As you guys know, we’re constantly looking to improve the rogueApron experience. A couple of you had emailed us – “Hey, how do I know if my reservation went through or not?” – and so when we stumbled on the reservations software, we were super excited.

From now on, reservations for rogueApron events can be made on our Eventbrite site, This system makes it a lot easier for us to track our reservations – how many vegetarians, how many meat-lovers, how many vegans – without a lot of cutting and pasting and spreadsheet work.

Eventbrite Screenshots

And the system hopefully makes it easier for you guys by generating a pretty RSVP email that you can save to let you know that, yes, your RSVP did go through!

Eventbrite Screenshots

OK, so you can call us nerds.

Let me know if you have any questions about the new way to RSVP!

Lady Rogue