Roll Your Own – Sushi!

veggie sushi

Dear Friends of Rogue –

You talk and we listen – just as many of you are as wild about food as we are! So why on earth should we have all the fun?

Our June 21st event is a Roll Your Own … sushi party, of course. Brace your wrists for an evening learning how to craft delicate vegetarian sushi favorites like roasted garlic, chive and granny smith apple. We’ll divide our guests into teams, and pit them against each other in a friendly competition to come up with the best roll … with lots of guidance, hot hors d’oeuvres, and plenty of delicious infused sakes.


A generous selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a smattering of fresh fish, all prepped and ready for you to roll into your own sushi creations. (Don’t worry – we’ll be on hand to teach you the trade, and offer suggestions on tasty combinations.)

Hors d’oeuveres will include peanut satays, edamame, and other treats.

Drinks and such

Delicious infused sakes will catch you off your guard, and we’ll have a selection of other favorites to infuse your senses.


We’re very excited to announce a partnership with our friends at Urban Cottage, Virginia Highland’s super-cute-and-not-snotty eclectic boutique. In concert with local artist Carla Kaiser, Urban Cottage will be outfitting rogueApron tables with gorgeous tablewares and linens – with a small selection of goodies available for your summer gift-giving.

Dates and Reservations

Join us Saturday, June 21 for an intimate evening in an Old Fourth Ward loft. Make your reservation soon – this is a 20-person event that will sell out quickly. Event on Facebook.

Due to the high cost of sushi-quality fish, we are asking attendees for a $40 donation.

Ah, summer … we can’t wait! June brings us sushi and a big Texas-style BBQ!


2 Responses

  1. Rogue,
    Thank you for accepting/ inviting us to the upcoming sushi event ; we have recieved confirmation for it ,but have no idea where it is…is it hosted at a private home , and will you notify us with said address before hand ? Speaking of which ; I have hosted foodie events at my home and would like to involve myself with the Rogue group to do the same .Though we are just inside the perimeter (EXIT 94 on I-85) we have a great house with a big private yard ( pool , deck, hot-tub, etc) and have had great cooking parties with primarily East Atlantans in attendance, so (As I have stated ) I would love to have all of the Rogues out to my place . So, if you would please send me some info on how I can do so …
    Thanks .
    Until Sushi Nite….Chef Omega

  2. Hey Omega –

    Registered guests (those who make a reservation and receive a confirmation email) will be emailed the location information 24 hours before the event, along with info on what to expect.

    Folks who have left messages on our Facebook pages, website, etc. but have *not* received a formal confirmation in their inbox should definitely make a formal reservation if they’d like to attend:

    Part of the fun of a rogueApron event is the rotating nature, and the chance to work with new folks in different locations. So yes, we’d love to talk to you about hosting!

    Info on participating in rogueApron events is on our site here:

    And we’re always happy to chat via email … rogue *dot* apron *at* gmail *dot* com.

    I’ll email you this info as well, but I posted it here in case anyone else has the same question.

    thanks for supporting rogueApron!
    Lady Rogue

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