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If you’ve navigated over to our site from Daily Candy, welcome! Here are some links to help orient you to rogueApron. Thanks for visiting!

What’s rogueApron?

rogueApron is Atlanta’s underground supperclub – part of the growing social dining (or “underground restaurant”) movement in the United States. Food-loving folks join us in private homes for delicious meals with strangers who shortly become friends. We are happily unpretentious. All meals are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and we can cater to special dietary needs, if given enough information.

How does it work?

When a new event is announced, we email our mailing list with menu details and an approximate location (e.g. Inman Park or East Atlanta). Folks who make a formal RSVP will be contacted to confirm their reservation, and will receive the address of the event. We suggest donations to cover foodcosts. (More on Events.)

Coconut Island Extravaganza

Past events

Check out photos from our prior events on Flickr, read our recaps of past events, or read Molly’s blog coverage of our sushi rolling party.

Get involved!

Join our mailing list for updates on new events, or friend us on Facebook or one of the other sites we play on.

Interested in hosting?

Well, you just jump right in, don’t you? Here’s a FAQ on hosting, along with an I’m-interested-form.

UPDATE: Wow, I am getting a lot of emails from you guys! I will try to answer frequently-asked questions on the site until I can email you directly!

Thanks again for visiting … and let us know if you have any questions!


Lady Rogue


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