Friends of rogueApron site launches

friends of rogueApron site launches

Wow! We’ve had nearly 300 new folks join our mailing list thanks to Daily Candy’s coverage! We’re excited about getting to share the rogueApron experience with new folks … but we want to make sure that our events stay true to our mission of good food, good beer, and great people.

So, we’ve set up a ‘Friends of rogueApron‘ site for trusted members of our supperclub. If you’ve been to an event in the past, you are welcome to sign up for an account. As a small reward for your continuing support of rogueApron, you’ll get first dibs at making a reservation for new events, plus an inside track on what we’re planning in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who has visited our site or been to an event!

Lady Rogue

UPDATE: Please note that your membership will not be approved until you’ve attended an event with us. This is our small way of thanking the people who have supported us. If you’d like to join, come to an event!