Mama Mediterranean

rogueApron Mama Mediterranean

Our July 30th rogueApron event will be food inspired by the bright blue of the Mediterranean. Greek, Italian and Turkish influences will blend in a multi-course meal (with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options!). As much food as possible will be sourced locally, so our menu will be finalized in the days prior to the event.


Plan on adana kebabs, pide, moussakka, fresh vegetable salads and some trademark rogue-infused liquors. East Atlanta Brewery is brewing a Pale Ale – sure to remind you of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, but with a freshness only EAB can deliver.

Reservations, Locations and Donations

Reservations are free – cash donations are accepted at the door. We suggest $20 donations – if you are able to contribute more, we greatly appreciate it! We will contact you to confirm your reservation and to give you the address of the event. Please provide accurate phone, email and snail-mail addresses – you never know how we’ll contact you!

First time?

If you are a rogueApron newbie, welcome! Read up on our events. If you would like to come, but can’t swing the donation, please check out our participation options and send us an email. (If you’ve been to an event before, you are welcome to join our ‘Friends of RogueApron‘ site for first dibs at event reservations.)


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  1. […] – that was a first for us! We completely booked our Mama Mediterranean event within two hours of sending out our newsletter. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, guys! (We […]

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