rogueApron Field Trip: Sticks & Stones

next event!

rogueApron is happy to announce our very first field trip!

Join our merry band to travel to Harvest Farm, Atlanta’s 12 acre urban farm. Sticks, stones, and dirt comprise the lot now – but farmer Collins Davis is changing all that. The trees have been cleared, the seedlings have been planted, the chickens are growing up fast – now we just need some hands in there to help pickup sticks!

$10 donation covers lunch, beer & stupid stuff like toilet paper and ice

Two shifts – AM (9am-noon) and PM (noon-3pm) means that everyone eats together.

Terrapin India Style Brown Ale for all – bring a cup with a lid, and a plate for your picnic lunch


9am: Yeah, waking up early sucks. Meet us on the back porch of Joe’s Coffee in East Atlanta to get your caffeine on.

9:15am: Carpool departs for Harvest Farm. Have to leave early? Take your own transport, but the rest of us will try to conserve le fuel.


Noon: Oh yeah, you know it’s sandwich time. A special rogueApron-style picnic spread rewards your hard work.

Treat Contest: A rogueApron t-shirt goes to the person who brings the best picnic-style treat to share!


Noon: Arrive at Harvest Farms for lunch!

3pm: Oh, you did good. Depart for civilization (only ten minutes north!) for the afterparty at Midway Pub.

Reservations go live at 10am, Thursday April 2.


• Dude, you are getting dir-tay! Wear comfy work clothes, and sneakers.

• If you’re rocking the pasty white skin, bring the hats and the sunscreen.


First Anniversary Recap!

Whew … Have you caught your breath yet? Our one-year anniversary dinner at ParkGrounds Coffee [map] was just … completely awesome. It’s amazing that it’s only been one year … we went from a bootstrap idea, with one pot and two wooden spoons, doing dinner for 30 in a friend’s house … to a smoothly-run volunteer community, with a mailing list of 1,400 folks vying for the chance at a dinner spot. We had over 120 folks join us in celebration of our first anniversary!

Our plans for the next year are big – really big. There are a lot of great people working hard to change the food systems in Georgia, and we’d like to help support these awesome farmers and producers with dinners that feature local food. (Not a member of Georgia Organics yet? Do it do it do it now.)

Many, many thanks go to the people who have made all of this growth and potential a possibility. The list is long – please know (on a personal note) – you’ve made me into a happy person, and I never thought that was possible.

Loves, Loves, Loves,
the Lady Rogue

Housemade corned beef … aged for two weeks in East Atlanta Brewery’s Irish Stout

Roasted carrots, parsnips and onions with coriander

Simple, crispy salted buttered cabbage

House wine … labels upside down. (sorry Jill!)

Mike dishes it out

Jameson butter on Irish Soda Bread

Rebecca takes the piñata down!

And, the toast!

All photos above courtesy Dave (ok, @extraface). More to follow … but these are already online!

Hawt tshirts

Tshirt, fronts


Oh, so you were curious as to the hotness that is the rogueApron tshirt? Not gonna lie, we LOVE the look that designer Jill Brunner went with. [Check her site.] It’s kinda the most awesomest thing ever. We should probably set up a formal e-shop to sell ’em out of, but for now, if you’re interested, email us at

And, the back

And backs

The story behind the back is highlarious – but only the purchasers of shirts are privy.

Tomorrow Night! Georgia Organics Afterparty @ Harvest Farm

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your kind support and notes about our first anniversary. We cannot wait to get photos back – and to get started planning the next one!

But in the interim – here’s a warm invitation to meet up with food-passionate Georgians over beer. (Yeah, that’s kinda our thing.)

The Georgia Organics conference is happening *right now* – a pretty awesome conglomeration of growers, producers, chefs, and pretty much anyone rad who loves good food. The conference is sold out – but there’s no reason the conversations have to end there.

We’re taking it to Harvest Farms for the afterparty!

first draft, cultivateATL logo

Afterglow – the official afterparty gathering of the Georgia Organics Conference

2124 Bouldercrest Rd in East Atlanta – right off 285 [map]
10:30pm • Saturday, March 21

$10 donation for beer
Fundraiser: so more farmers can attend next year’s conference!

Hosted by cultivateATL – a rad advisory board for Georgia Organics that rogueApron is super thrilled to be a part of.

On the list for tonight?

Lady and the Tramp

If you’ve confirmed your reservation – or snagged a spot from the waiting list – you’re on the list. ParkGrounds Coffee, 7pm.

A lovely greeter will welcome you with a shot of housemade Irish Cream Whiskey. Think chocolate ice cream – only booze.

Find your nametag, and be ready to help us celebrate our first anniversary!

ParkGrounds Coffee
$25 suggested cash donation. No checks.
$5 afterparty (if you want to drink and drink and drink)

Valentine’s Day Wrapup

The super-awesome Amy Sinclair has shared her photos of the February dinner … and man, oh man, are they so good! We totally didn’t stay up late last night looking at them over and over … OK, yes we did.

Lady and the Tramp
Designer Nate Morris (of the luminaras) drains to the last drop

Lady and the Tramp
We love our friends at ParkGrounds … bring your pup and support your neighborhood coffeeshop and dogpark …

Lady and the Tramp
… because they poured hearts in macchiatos! Accompanied by chocolate-dipped strawberries with red Hawaiian salt.

Lady and the Tramp
Our special Lady and the Tramp themed dinner involved custom-made long noodles from Via Elisa pasta.

Lady and the Tramp
Love is Love Farms grew our green garlic, radishes, and watermelon turnips for the salad. Farmer Joe and Judith joined us at the dinner, which was a great treat!

Lady and the Tramp
The crew, talking post-dinner.

Lady and the Tramp
Tell us you don’t want one of them sloppy kisses. Christina is hawt.

Lady and the Tramp
Barista and charmer Chip poured something crazy like 80 macchiatos in 30 minutes?

Lady and the Tramp
Check out the smile and handshake on jam queen Becca of Holy Vino jams. This is why we love her … she’s just the most genuine, hardworking gal.

Lady and the Tramp
East Atlanta Brewery gets set up

Lady and the Tramp
Kiss Pale Ale and Extra Special Bitter from East Atlanta Brewery

Lady and the Tramp
Eliza chatting it UP.

Lady and the Tramp
And, end.

Shoutouts: My girl Rebecca Kern, for coming over and making meatzaballas late into the night, designers Jill Brunner, Nate Morris and Laura Hull for their work, artist Carla Kaiser for the handwritten menus, Dave and Richard with EAB for their awesome beer, Rebecca Payne for being the most kickass floor manager, and volunteers Kortney Parman, Lyn Hillman, Christina Corley, Crystal Lucas, Alana Rambo, Wendy Hughes, and Eliza Hagan for kicking it out.

A final note of thanks to Bobb Lovett and Chip (Sexiness? Is that your last name?) of ParkGrounds Coffee. Looking forward to Tuesday’s dinner!

rogueApron Anniversary: March 17!

is it ... could it be? our new logo?

rogueApron is one year old! Well, not today, but on March 17th we will be – so we’re damn celebrating! It’s been a crazy busy, amazing year – we’ve amassed a rocking crew of volunteers, been all over Atlanta, and met some really great folks out at events. We’re looking forward to a great second year – lots of fun partnerships with local growers, artists and designers. Woohoo – come help us celebrate!

Our first dinner was postponed due to the tornado – we crawled over downed power lines and felled trees to ice our precious East Atlanta Brewery corned beef. This year, we’ll be setting up in the gorgeous dog park at ParkGrounds Coffee.

RSVPs available tomorrow, Tuesday March 10th at 11am 3pm. Password to RSVP given out to mailing list only.

UPDATE: Wow, you guys are the fastest RSVPers in the South! Limited admits available at ParkGrounds – swing by with your pup for some java.