rogueApron Anniversary: March 17!

is it ... could it be? our new logo?

rogueApron is one year old! Well, not today, but on March 17th we will be – so we’re damn celebrating! It’s been a crazy busy, amazing year – we’ve amassed a rocking crew of volunteers, been all over Atlanta, and met some really great folks out at events. We’re looking forward to a great second year – lots of fun partnerships with local growers, artists and designers. Woohoo – come help us celebrate!

Our first dinner was postponed due to the tornado – we crawled over downed power lines and felled trees to ice our precious East Atlanta Brewery corned beef. This year, we’ll be setting up in the gorgeous dog park at ParkGrounds Coffee.

RSVPs available tomorrow, Tuesday March 10th at 11am 3pm. Password to RSVP given out to mailing list only.

UPDATE: Wow, you guys are the fastest RSVPers in the South! Limited admits available at ParkGrounds – swing by with your pup for some java.


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