Valentine’s Day Wrapup

The super-awesome Amy Sinclair has shared her photos of the February dinner … and man, oh man, are they so good! We totally didn’t stay up late last night looking at them over and over … OK, yes we did.

Lady and the Tramp
Designer Nate Morris (of the luminaras) drains to the last drop

Lady and the Tramp
We love our friends at ParkGrounds … bring your pup and support your neighborhood coffeeshop and dogpark …

Lady and the Tramp
… because they poured hearts in macchiatos! Accompanied by chocolate-dipped strawberries with red Hawaiian salt.

Lady and the Tramp
Our special Lady and the Tramp themed dinner involved custom-made long noodles from Via Elisa pasta.

Lady and the Tramp
Love is Love Farms grew our green garlic, radishes, and watermelon turnips for the salad. Farmer Joe and Judith joined us at the dinner, which was a great treat!

Lady and the Tramp
The crew, talking post-dinner.

Lady and the Tramp
Tell us you don’t want one of them sloppy kisses. Christina is hawt.

Lady and the Tramp
Barista and charmer Chip poured something crazy like 80 macchiatos in 30 minutes?

Lady and the Tramp
Check out the smile and handshake on jam queen Becca of Holy Vino jams. This is why we love her … she’s just the most genuine, hardworking gal.

Lady and the Tramp
East Atlanta Brewery gets set up

Lady and the Tramp
Kiss Pale Ale and Extra Special Bitter from East Atlanta Brewery

Lady and the Tramp
Eliza chatting it UP.

Lady and the Tramp
And, end.

Shoutouts: My girl Rebecca Kern, for coming over and making meatzaballas late into the night, designers Jill Brunner, Nate Morris and Laura Hull for their work, artist Carla Kaiser for the handwritten menus, Dave and Richard with EAB for their awesome beer, Rebecca Payne for being the most kickass floor manager, and volunteers Kortney Parman, Lyn Hillman, Christina Corley, Crystal Lucas, Alana Rambo, Wendy Hughes, and Eliza Hagan for kicking it out.

A final note of thanks to Bobb Lovett and Chip (Sexiness? Is that your last name?) of ParkGrounds Coffee. Looking forward to Tuesday’s dinner!


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  1. Awesome shots!

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