Tomorrow Night! Georgia Organics Afterparty @ Harvest Farm

Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all of your kind support and notes about our first anniversary. We cannot wait to get photos back – and to get started planning the next one!

But in the interim – here’s a warm invitation to meet up with food-passionate Georgians over beer. (Yeah, that’s kinda our thing.)

The Georgia Organics conference is happening *right now* – a pretty awesome conglomeration of growers, producers, chefs, and pretty much anyone rad who loves good food. The conference is sold out – but there’s no reason the conversations have to end there.

We’re taking it to Harvest Farms for the afterparty!

first draft, cultivateATL logo

Afterglow – the official afterparty gathering of the Georgia Organics Conference

2124 Bouldercrest Rd in East Atlanta – right off 285 [map]
10:30pm • Saturday, March 21

$10 donation for beer
Fundraiser: so more farmers can attend next year’s conference!

Hosted by cultivateATL – a rad advisory board for Georgia Organics that rogueApron is super thrilled to be a part of.


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