First Anniversary Recap!

Whew … Have you caught your breath yet? Our one-year anniversary dinner at ParkGrounds Coffee [map] was just … completely awesome. It’s amazing that it’s only been one year … we went from a bootstrap idea, with one pot and two wooden spoons, doing dinner for 30 in a friend’s house … to a smoothly-run volunteer community, with a mailing list of 1,400 folks vying for the chance at a dinner spot. We had over 120 folks join us in celebration of our first anniversary!

Our plans for the next year are big – really big. There are a lot of great people working hard to change the food systems in Georgia, and we’d like to help support these awesome farmers and producers with dinners that feature local food. (Not a member of Georgia Organics yet? Do it do it do it now.)

Many, many thanks go to the people who have made all of this growth and potential a possibility. The list is long – please know (on a personal note) – you’ve made me into a happy person, and I never thought that was possible.

Loves, Loves, Loves,
the Lady Rogue

Housemade corned beef … aged for two weeks in East Atlanta Brewery’s Irish Stout

Roasted carrots, parsnips and onions with coriander

Simple, crispy salted buttered cabbage

House wine … labels upside down. (sorry Jill!)

Mike dishes it out

Jameson butter on Irish Soda Bread

Rebecca takes the piñata down!

And, the toast!

All photos above courtesy Dave (ok, @extraface). More to follow … but these are already online!


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