rogueApron Field Trip: Sticks & Stones

next event!

rogueApron is happy to announce our very first field trip!

Join our merry band to travel to Harvest Farm, Atlanta’s 12 acre urban farm. Sticks, stones, and dirt comprise the lot now – but farmer Collins Davis is changing all that. The trees have been cleared, the seedlings have been planted, the chickens are growing up fast – now we just need some hands in there to help pickup sticks!

$10 donation covers lunch, beer & stupid stuff like toilet paper and ice

Two shifts – AM (9am-noon) and PM (noon-3pm) means that everyone eats together.

Terrapin India Style Brown Ale for all – bring a cup with a lid, and a plate for your picnic lunch


9am: Yeah, waking up early sucks. Meet us on the back porch of Joe’s Coffee in East Atlanta to get your caffeine on.

9:15am: Carpool departs for Harvest Farm. Have to leave early? Take your own transport, but the rest of us will try to conserve le fuel.


Noon: Oh yeah, you know it’s sandwich time. A special rogueApron-style picnic spread rewards your hard work.

Treat Contest: A rogueApron t-shirt goes to the person who brings the best picnic-style treat to share!


Noon: Arrive at Harvest Farms for lunch!

3pm: Oh, you did good. Depart for civilization (only ten minutes north!) for the afterparty at Midway Pub.

Reservations go live at 10am, Thursday April 2.


• Dude, you are getting dir-tay! Wear comfy work clothes, and sneakers.

• If you’re rocking the pasty white skin, bring the hats and the sunscreen.


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