Hey guys … The first question anyone ever asks us is … when is the next event?

So, in the interest of helping you plan, we’re launching a new section of the site, with an overview of planned events – including those that our friends are putting on that you might be interested in. Hope this helps!

rogueApron Spring Calendar

April 15: CultivateATL salon
April 17: rogueApron prep party
April 18: rogueApron Field Trip to Harvest Farm
May 24: Free Pie Day with Relish Design
June 20: Lady Rogue Marketplace
June 21: Dirt to Table Dinner at Harvest Farm
August: Yes We Can Can Can with Funny Farms

Events via Google Calendar, RSS, or Email

For you Google Calendar users or RSS folks, subscribing to our feed is a great way to keep yourself posted.

Here is the feed:

You can cut and paste this link into any calendar program, or you can subscribe in any RSS reader.

You can also get RSS feeds via email by signing up via Feed My Inbox.


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