Lady Rogue Business Network: First Workshop

first LRBN workshop!

So, most of you guys know that we created a spin-off entity, the Lady Rogue Business Network, in order to better connect all the great DIY entrepreneurs we were meeting and partnering with at events. Hey, Atlanta’s cool like that.

Our little network of rad folks is over 100 folks strong at the moment (hooray nonsucky networking). Members have asked us to start putting together workshops – on subjects as varied as social media, photography, and business licenses. Heck, we gotta support each other in rough times, right?

So, announcing our very first workshop7pm at ParkGrounds Coffee [map] in Reynoldstown. (What can we say, we love that joint, and we want to support it as much as possible!). Join us on April 8th for a lil learning, a lil networking, and … oh heck … maybe a slug of Irish Cream Whiskey in your coffee. (You know how we roll.) $10 donation – more if you feel it was worth more. Lead by the infamously web-nerdy Lady Rogue. Erm, me.


Hope to see you out!

p.s. If you haven’t checked out our business network yet, do so now! These folks are super nice and rogueApron approved!


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