Sticks & Stones Details

next event!

Hey guys!

Sticks and Stones is NEXT week – Saturday the 18th. We had a chance to visit Collins at Harvest Farms today, putting together the details of the event. This is gonna be a lot of fun … we have some teamwork, games, and rad headgear planned for you guys … plus helping kickstart a local organic farm that (really) needs our help.

We’ll send out the link for confirmation early next week – here’s a quick note with some reminders:

• COMMUNAL PICNIC CLOTH: Have an old sheet or blanket? Or a few? Please bring it to contribute to our communal picnic area. Our volunteers will set up a lovely dining area with your contribution – either take it home at the end of the day, or leave it for future rA picnics.

• TREAT CONTEST: If your hands are itching to cook, enter our treat contest. Bring a treat to share … winner takes home a rogueApron tshirt.

• REUSABLE CUPS & PLATES: In order to cut down on waste, please bring your own cup & plate for beer & picnic. Yay green!

• NEED TO SWITCH SHIFTS? A few of you guys emailed about this … yes, it’s absolutely no problem at all if you’d like to switch from AM to PM or vice versa. We’ll send out the confirmation form early next week; just confirm appropriately.

• WANT TO VOLUNTEER FOR SETUP OR KITCHEN PREP? We can always use a few extra hands, so email if you’d like to join the prep party (Friday, 17th) or help setup the day of (18th).

• HAVEN’T RSVP’D? Still time. Do it @



Lady Rogue


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