rogueApron’s Flickr Pool

Hey all … doing a little search of Flickr, I stumbled across some awesome photos of past events. Here’s some food porn to get your morning started …

If you have photos, please share them in our Flickr pool! You’re the best!

Lady Rogue

p.s. Yes, we’re posting pics of Sticks & Stones soon. If you have some good ones, email ’em to!

Finally! A photo of Grinchmas food!

Grinchmas’ Seuss-inspired plate: Ancho-rubbed White Oaks roast beast with Who pudding … beet-buttered grits with Keene’s Cheddar. Sea beans, Crystal Farms turnips & fingerling sweet potatoes, and greens from Love is Love Farms. December 24, 2008.

Find out who's on the other end of your noodle! Lady & the Tramp Valentines Dinner ...

Cocoa-dusted meatsaballas, with Via Elisa noodles in a deconstructed spicy mole sauce, served Lady & the Tramp styles for Valentines Day, 2009


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