FREE PIE! comes to ATL

Free Pie!

Those of you who have volunteered with us at rogueApron know that there’s really nothing better than the feeling you get, handing people a warm plate of deliciousness to enjoy.

It’s addictive – and it’s a simple act of kindness that can make all the other badness – like 401k crash, pirates, and swine flu just disappear.

So, we’d like to recruit you to the concept of Free Pie.

Yep, Free Pie.

It’s not a rogueApron thang per se – our lovely friends Melissa and Reena are the geniuses behind this movement – but it seemed like something that folks in our community would really enjoy.

So. Make A Pie. Choose a Spot. Give It Away.

May 16.

Yep, it’s really that simple – and that good.

For more info on this simple, rad idea, visit the site at, and sign up for the list on the bottom right of the site.

The gals are recruiting neighborhood captains; check this map at Sign up on eventbrite for your neighborhood!

If you love this idea – and you should! – please help us recruit captains by printing out the flyer below and placing it in traffic’d areas, like your favorite coffeeshop. You da best!

Free Pie!