Invite from our friends at Staple House

Invite from our friends at Staple House!

Jen and Ryan Hidiger are that couple that make you go … really?

Really? You guys are this nice? And really … this good looking, and talented, and you live in a beautiful magazine house?

No, really – they are – the world’s nicest couple. And, oh, hey, he just happens to be a super talented chef (currently at Muss & Turner’s), who runs an oh-so-not-secret underground restaurant (prelude to staplehouse), that is – as the name suggests – a prelude to opening his own restaurant. Check their site for food porn.

But opening a restaurant takes some bucks, and that’s where you come in.

Join prelude to staplehouse for Tacos @ Hidiger’s on Labor Day Weekend. Cajachina Roasted Pig, Fire Pit Chicken Pazole, Tacos al Carbon, and more await you … all to the tune of ATL band Kingsized. Throw in a projector featuring Three Amigos, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Your $25 donation will help this couple build the fund for their own restaurant!

RSVPs will go SUPER FAST for this limited event, so email the ridiculously awesome couple at now.


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  1. Please confirm 2 for this event. Thanks !!

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