A Dinner and A Thank You

Thank you dinner

A spiral of sesame marinated cucumbers grew in Rebecca Notofsunnybrookfarm’s garden; their thin crunch a welcome contrast to the spicy chipotle creamed potato, corn and spinach. Sharp basil, and the heft of Decimal Place goat feta contrast the slow lingering burn of the chipotle; corn kernels roasted then fried pop in my mouth. Sweet Whipporrwill sungolds tomatoes squish open with glee as I devour the last bits of the quiche; niman ham, leeks, and poblano.

It is a spicy meal – not one I would serve to guests; the sesame and basil offputting to the familiar Southwestern spices I crave.

It is a Georgian meal. Goats milked by my friend Christi lent the tang to the potatoes and the quiche; the feta Mary made was my guilty indulgence. My friend Margie drove all over Athens and back for my leeks, my spinach, my potatoes, my corn, my tomatoes – it is her relationship with the farms has me full. My friend Amy delivered this bounty while I napped.

And today I spent on a long field trip with my friend Duane, sourcing meats for the next dinner, scouting out locations, and gleefully scheming the details.

This has been a happy day, full of ideas from my talk with my friend Judith about the upcoming communal picnic in Piedmont Park, to help bring this experience to school lunchrooms.

It is not often in life that we find ourselves with such an abundance of luck. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting rogueApron.

I never could have imagined being here.


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