Introducing: rogueApron Postcrossing dinners

Send a postcard to a stranger. And get one back, from some random part of the world. members fill out profiles, indicating what type of cards they’d like to receive. And somewhere across the world, a complete stranger thinks about it, pokes around for them, and decides upon The Card to send.

rogueApron has requested to receive recipes from around the world. There’s no guaranteeing when the postcards will arrive, or if they will include recipes.

But when they do …

Introducing: rogueApron Postcrossing dinners

rogueApron’s Postcrossing Dinner Series


  • Each recipe will be made as written. The only adjustments made will be to scale the recipe to feed more, or if an obvious step has been left out.
  • Only the front of the postcard, and the national origin will be displayed on our site.
  • We anticipate that most world recipes will include meat, dairy or gluten; we will post if something does not.
  • Dinners are limited to a small group of adventurous diners, comfortable with experimentation.

Our first dinner will be posted soon …


3 Responses

  1. Ok so are you accepting postcards with recipes that we fans receive as well as those you receive?

  2. It could make for an interesting appetizer approach!

  3. The Jota was beyond delish! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    (Yours looked much nicer than the bowl in the photograph.)

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