Hey and Hi CNN!

So, hi! You heard about us on CNN and you’re checking out our site!

[This Just In: Lady Rogue Was Awkward on CNN!]


It’s a little dusty around here; I’ve been dealing with some health issues and blogging has taken a secondary role in my life.

rogueApron is just one of the many projects I’m happy to be a part of.

If you’re a ATL-type interested in joining our unsucky network of entrepreneurs, check out the Lady Rogue Business Network.

Liking robots and farmers? Yeah, me too. Check out growBot Garden, a project I’m deeply involved in at Georgia Tech. (Made Ham’cado sandwiches for two weeks at 01SJ, a whole story unto itself.)

And if you’re interested in attending a dinner … or hiring this girl to help you with things food, event planning, technology … join our mailing list to the right, follow us on Twitter, or shoot me a note at ladyrogueATL @ gmail dot com.

Finishing my master’s degree in digital media this spring and open to collaboration opps!


Lady Rogue

3 Responses

  1. Hi Lady Rogue,

    It was refreshing seeing you on CNN yesterday. Due to my son’s allergies we have been on an organic food kick. I’ve lost over 30lbs (without exercise), eating the same stuff, just organic and mostly local. My question, do you know of any hotels/Bed & Breakfasts that use local produce or have events similar to yours? we would like to feature them on our website.

  2. Obviously you don’t have school age children. Soda and chips were outlawed in school cafeterias years ago. Don’t put that in your master’s thesis.

  3. @Hotel Locator – I would check out sites like theghet.com, a social network for underground dining.

    @Brenda – I am not sure where you are getting the reference to soda and chips. But since you broach the subject – Access to soda and chips varies greatly by state and even by county. Here in Atlanta, Georgia, Cook Elementary students are able to purchase chips with their lunch – a concession their staff makes to popular opinion. It’s great that you live in a part of the country that doesn’t allow chips and sodas in cafeterias!

    And not to worry, I am not doing a master’s thesis on school lunches, although it is certainly a worthy subject and one dear to my heart.

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