Food Inc. Recap

Hey guys –

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to be in a packed theatre of folks – some crouching in the aisles – as we collectively laughed and gasped at Food Inc. on Thursday.

I am sure a bunch of you came away with questions – what you can do to eat better, what you can do to change the way food is produced in our country.

Here’s a start!

We’ll do our best to get you an answer from an expert.

Our friends at Georgia Organics and Slow Foods Atlanta work with these types of issues on a full-time basis. They are the best resource for upcoming volunteer opportunities, dinners, and information on eating well in Atlanta.

I love the idea that we vote with our dollars – it is true that you have the opportunity to vote with each meal!

rogueApron is super excited to take part in the Atlanta Eat In – a community potluck, statement, and good time. Coming up on September 7th – expect more details soon!

As always, rogueApron is awesome because of our community. Three cheers to MC CM (Ms. Carrington, Happy Birthday!), patient beer-pourers Dave and Matt, general badass Christina, poster designer Katie Kaiser, Midtown Art Cinema, Five Seasons Brewery, Michael and Stephanie at Georgia Organics, and Judith from Slow Foods!

Loves the Lady R

Photos from Alice in Wonderland

Hey all!

Alice in Wonderland was truly magical! Our guests wandered in Hydrangea Heaven, snagging treats and sipping locally brewed IPAs and Nutmeg Wit. I really can’t do justice to the beauty of the gardens … check the photos below!

The rogueApron community really came through for this one … we have such a long list of people to thank!

Photos below by Amy Herr Photography. We heart Ms. Amy!

Alice in Wonderland
Magical details abound in Hydrangea Heaven …

Alice in Wonderland
… Like a frog who lives among the lilypads.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
A welcome shot of housemade strawberry and celery hooch; courtesy the teachings of the Urban Gardener, Farmer Duane.

Alice in Wonderland
Our host, Ed the Mad Hatter, and his daughter Alia the White Rabbit. Alia kept inquiring what we were dressing up as next weekend. Ed wrote us after the event:

“Anything that makes Alia feel that great and allows her to have so much fun will always be double-plus-good in my book (apparently Orwell’s “1984”). Thanks for being the catalyst for a very special father/daughter day. I am eternally grateful.”

Alice in Wonderland
Our friends at Endive Catering, Chef Drew, Kim and Susan, worked their signature ingredient into their goat cheese offering. We cannot express how kind they are! They were the magical hands in the kitchen, plating things like …

Alice in Wonderland
… Tittle Bean Salad with Riverview Farms microgreens…

Alice in Wonderland
… and Unbirthday Pasta Salad with Crystal Farms beet pesto (idea courtesy Chef Ottensmeyer), and snap pea candles …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
… and Tea Party Drumsticks, tea-marinated and basted in Hidden Springs honey.

Alice in Wonderland
Melissa and Reena of Relish design were the geniuses behind the look of the event. With a shoestring budget, the girls created gorgeous – using green, thrifted, and reusable materials. We highly recommend them for any event you’ve got coming … they are brilliant and so fun to work with, and have such great as ideas as …

Alice in Wonderland
Blow me. Ha!

Alice in Wonderland
Designer Jill Brunner’s brilliant custom labels for rA wine …

Alice in Wonderland
Off with your head! Check the Queen of Hearts and Ms. Alice. Amazingly, both gals said they already owned these dresses …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Seven is our youngest regular. Is that going to be a dated point of reference for him in high school? “Oh yeah, my parents dragged me to underground supperclubs when I was a kid.”

Alice in Wonderland

Bear Maker Brownies… so good they’ll turn you into a bear! Brandon of Bear Maker donated these delicious brownies – what can I say, if you had them, you know how awesome they are. Check ’em out at Outwrite Bookstore, or contact them via their website. So. Efffing. Good.

Shadow Baker Strikes Again
This girl cannot be stopped. Check Danielle’s awesome Alice in Wonderland cupcakes. She makes custom ‘cakes that you can pass off as your own creations; email her at

I couldn’t find any photos of the vibrant red Pomegranate Green Tea that Republic of Tea Todd donated. So imagine it here.

rogueApron’s community is what makes these events possible. You guys are all super rad!

PROPS: prep party participants Lyn, Amy & Jeff, Becca Kern!, Melissa & Reena.
Dave and Mass for stopping by with treats. Sarah for helping transport. Melissa and Reena. In a word: FREE PIE!
Heather for the spreadsheet love. Duane and Robin for the arrows and hooch know-how. Jane and the Endive crew, Kim, Chef Drew and Susan for expertise in the kitchen. Caitlin and the Cheshire Cat for the caterpillar. Ben and Katy for bar owning! Emily for enforcing. Todd for the Tea.
Valerie and Jennie for greeting and doing the contest thang. Michelle and Ryan for the cards detailing. Stacey for candle setup and her sweet smile.

Lady Rogue Business Network members who donated prizes to the gift bags: Stories of Gen for the amazingly-packaged coasters, for gift certificates, East Atlanta Farmer’s Market for canvas bags filled with delicious local food, chopsticks by Chinese Southern Belle, cards by Natty Michelle. You are all badasses.

Crap, did I forget you? THANK YOU!

And now … Flickr photos by Return of the Unicorn!
eat me

coats & things

blowing bubbles take 3

what a card

rogueApron’s Flickr Pool

Hey all … doing a little search of Flickr, I stumbled across some awesome photos of past events. Here’s some food porn to get your morning started …

If you have photos, please share them in our Flickr pool! You’re the best!

Lady Rogue

p.s. Yes, we’re posting pics of Sticks & Stones soon. If you have some good ones, email ’em to!

Finally! A photo of Grinchmas food!

Grinchmas’ Seuss-inspired plate: Ancho-rubbed White Oaks roast beast with Who pudding … beet-buttered grits with Keene’s Cheddar. Sea beans, Crystal Farms turnips & fingerling sweet potatoes, and greens from Love is Love Farms. December 24, 2008.

Find out who's on the other end of your noodle! Lady & the Tramp Valentines Dinner ...

Cocoa-dusted meatsaballas, with Via Elisa noodles in a deconstructed spicy mole sauce, served Lady & the Tramp styles for Valentines Day, 2009

First Anniversary Recap!

Whew … Have you caught your breath yet? Our one-year anniversary dinner at ParkGrounds Coffee [map] was just … completely awesome. It’s amazing that it’s only been one year … we went from a bootstrap idea, with one pot and two wooden spoons, doing dinner for 30 in a friend’s house … to a smoothly-run volunteer community, with a mailing list of 1,400 folks vying for the chance at a dinner spot. We had over 120 folks join us in celebration of our first anniversary!

Our plans for the next year are big – really big. There are a lot of great people working hard to change the food systems in Georgia, and we’d like to help support these awesome farmers and producers with dinners that feature local food. (Not a member of Georgia Organics yet? Do it do it do it now.)

Many, many thanks go to the people who have made all of this growth and potential a possibility. The list is long – please know (on a personal note) – you’ve made me into a happy person, and I never thought that was possible.

Loves, Loves, Loves,
the Lady Rogue

Housemade corned beef … aged for two weeks in East Atlanta Brewery’s Irish Stout

Roasted carrots, parsnips and onions with coriander

Simple, crispy salted buttered cabbage

House wine … labels upside down. (sorry Jill!)

Mike dishes it out

Jameson butter on Irish Soda Bread

Rebecca takes the piñata down!

And, the toast!

All photos above courtesy Dave (ok, @extraface). More to follow … but these are already online!

Valentine’s Day Wrapup

The super-awesome Amy Sinclair has shared her photos of the February dinner … and man, oh man, are they so good! We totally didn’t stay up late last night looking at them over and over … OK, yes we did.

Lady and the Tramp
Designer Nate Morris (of the luminaras) drains to the last drop

Lady and the Tramp
We love our friends at ParkGrounds … bring your pup and support your neighborhood coffeeshop and dogpark …

Lady and the Tramp
… because they poured hearts in macchiatos! Accompanied by chocolate-dipped strawberries with red Hawaiian salt.

Lady and the Tramp
Our special Lady and the Tramp themed dinner involved custom-made long noodles from Via Elisa pasta.

Lady and the Tramp
Love is Love Farms grew our green garlic, radishes, and watermelon turnips for the salad. Farmer Joe and Judith joined us at the dinner, which was a great treat!

Lady and the Tramp
The crew, talking post-dinner.

Lady and the Tramp
Tell us you don’t want one of them sloppy kisses. Christina is hawt.

Lady and the Tramp
Barista and charmer Chip poured something crazy like 80 macchiatos in 30 minutes?

Lady and the Tramp
Check out the smile and handshake on jam queen Becca of Holy Vino jams. This is why we love her … she’s just the most genuine, hardworking gal.

Lady and the Tramp
East Atlanta Brewery gets set up

Lady and the Tramp
Kiss Pale Ale and Extra Special Bitter from East Atlanta Brewery

Lady and the Tramp
Eliza chatting it UP.

Lady and the Tramp
And, end.

Shoutouts: My girl Rebecca Kern, for coming over and making meatzaballas late into the night, designers Jill Brunner, Nate Morris and Laura Hull for their work, artist Carla Kaiser for the handwritten menus, Dave and Richard with EAB for their awesome beer, Rebecca Payne for being the most kickass floor manager, and volunteers Kortney Parman, Lyn Hillman, Christina Corley, Crystal Lucas, Alana Rambo, Wendy Hughes, and Eliza Hagan for kicking it out.

A final note of thanks to Bobb Lovett and Chip (Sexiness? Is that your last name?) of ParkGrounds Coffee. Looking forward to Tuesday’s dinner!

Merry Grinchmas Recap

rogueApron Grinchmas

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Grinchmas eve dinner! We were loaned a gorgeous home in Old Fourth Ward, which Reneé, Becca, Jill and Denise made absolutely gorgeous with some creative design touches.

Here’s a sneak peek at our menu, which was almost 100 percent locally sourced!

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!


Fairview Farms Homemade Egg Nog
East Atlanta Brewery Gingerbread Ale & Saison

Roast Beast with Who Pudding

Harris Farms Roast Round of Beef, with a Chocolate Ancho Rub
Pink Grits with Beet Butter and Keene’s Cheddar and Hawaiian Sea Salt
Crystal Farms Mixed Baby Turnips and Fingerling Sweet Potatoes
Love is Love Farms Braised Greens
& Sea Beans

Congrats again go to Ms. Susan O. for winning the Concrete Lace doorprize for her treat contribution of delicious chocolately goodness; she went home with a pretty rad New Year’s survival kit, including bloody mary mix, super-hot infused vodka, Baton Rouge rim-salt, a set of East Atlanta Brewery pint glasses, and a pair of Katie Kaiser original letterpressed Hopping John cards. And thanks, thanks, thanks go to Melissa and Steven for helping in the kitchen!

We’ve got quite a few ideas for the New Year, so join our mailing list for a seat at the next dinner!

[Photo by the incomparable Broderick, who we just love. Have pix? Send ’em our way!]

At the Drive-In Recap!

Hi Internet!

We had our first-ever renegade mobile event at the Starlight Six Drive-In on September 14th.

We showed up at 7:00pm, to secure our first-in-line spots when the Drive-In actually opened at 7:30. Then, we had an hour to race and set everything up and start cooking before 65 folks joined us for dinner and a (really crappy) movie. Whew … it went off really smoothly, thanks to the efforts of our awesome volunteers.

We’re looking forward to our next event, Soup Line, on October 11th. Reservations go live tomorrow at 11am – and since the Drive-In Dinner booked in about 15 minutes … well, jump on it!

Thanks to Molly for lending us the rad pictures below! Check out her blog coverage of the event on Disposable Income!

rogueApron at the Drive In

Juliet and Audrey welcoming guests with a shot of limoncello!

rogueApron at the Drive In

The crew of folks, watching the schlocky movie

rogueApron at the Drive In

Homemade Spicy Popcorn, with labels from

rogueApron at the Drive In

East Atlanta Brewery had a lot of favorites on tap, including Dave’s Pale Ale, the Nutmeg Witbier, and a Double Agent Orange.

rogueApron at the Drive In

Spicy Homemade Black Bean Burgers – yes, a completely vegan burger that actually holds together on the grill! We felt like geniuses! Oh yeah, accompanied by homemade chips and pretzel buns.

rogueApron at the Drive In

Sorry you guys had to watch this movie. We thought you’d talk through it – we did!

rogueApron at the Drive In

Lord Apron is flaming!

rogueApron at the Drive In

Massive thanks to kitchen volunteer Andrea! She super rules and we love her!

Ok, that’s it for now, gang.

Lady Rogue