Introducing: rogueApron Postcrossing dinners

Send a postcard to a stranger. And get one back, from some random part of the world. members fill out profiles, indicating what type of cards they’d like to receive. And somewhere across the world, a complete stranger thinks about it, pokes around for them, and decides upon The Card to send.

rogueApron has requested to receive recipes from around the world. There’s no guaranteeing when the postcards will arrive, or if they will include recipes.

But when they do …

Introducing: rogueApron Postcrossing dinners

rogueApron’s Postcrossing Dinner Series


  • Each recipe will be made as written. The only adjustments made will be to scale the recipe to feed more, or if an obvious step has been left out.
  • Only the front of the postcard, and the national origin will be displayed on our site.
  • We anticipate that most world recipes will include meat, dairy or gluten; we will post if something does not.
  • Dinners are limited to a small group of adventurous diners, comfortable with experimentation.

Our first dinner will be posted soon …


Invite from our friends at Staple House

Invite from our friends at Staple House!

Jen and Ryan Hidiger are that couple that make you go … really?

Really? You guys are this nice? And really … this good looking, and talented, and you live in a beautiful magazine house?

No, really – they are – the world’s nicest couple. And, oh, hey, he just happens to be a super talented chef (currently at Muss & Turner’s), who runs an oh-so-not-secret underground restaurant (prelude to staplehouse), that is – as the name suggests – a prelude to opening his own restaurant. Check their site for food porn.

But opening a restaurant takes some bucks, and that’s where you come in.

Join prelude to staplehouse for Tacos @ Hidiger’s on Labor Day Weekend. Cajachina Roasted Pig, Fire Pit Chicken Pazole, Tacos al Carbon, and more await you … all to the tune of ATL band Kingsized. Throw in a projector featuring Three Amigos, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Your $25 donation will help this couple build the fund for their own restaurant!

RSVPs will go SUPER FAST for this limited event, so email the ridiculously awesome couple at now.


Hey guys … The first question anyone ever asks us is … when is the next event?

So, in the interest of helping you plan, we’re launching a new section of the site, with an overview of planned events – including those that our friends are putting on that you might be interested in. Hope this helps!

rogueApron Spring Calendar

April 15: CultivateATL salon
April 17: rogueApron prep party
April 18: rogueApron Field Trip to Harvest Farm
May 24: Free Pie Day with Relish Design
June 20: Lady Rogue Marketplace
June 21: Dirt to Table Dinner at Harvest Farm
August: Yes We Can Can Can with Funny Farms

Events via Google Calendar, RSS, or Email

For you Google Calendar users or RSS folks, subscribing to our feed is a great way to keep yourself posted.

Here is the feed:

You can cut and paste this link into any calendar program, or you can subscribe in any RSS reader.

You can also get RSS feeds via email by signing up via Feed My Inbox.

Hawt tshirts

Tshirt, fronts


Oh, so you were curious as to the hotness that is the rogueApron tshirt? Not gonna lie, we LOVE the look that designer Jill Brunner went with. [Check her site.] It’s kinda the most awesomest thing ever. We should probably set up a formal e-shop to sell ’em out of, but for now, if you’re interested, email us at

And, the back

And backs

The story behind the back is highlarious – but only the purchasers of shirts are privy.

rogueApron Anniversary: March 17!

is it ... could it be? our new logo?

rogueApron is one year old! Well, not today, but on March 17th we will be – so we’re damn celebrating! It’s been a crazy busy, amazing year – we’ve amassed a rocking crew of volunteers, been all over Atlanta, and met some really great folks out at events. We’re looking forward to a great second year – lots of fun partnerships with local growers, artists and designers. Woohoo – come help us celebrate!

Our first dinner was postponed due to the tornado – we crawled over downed power lines and felled trees to ice our precious East Atlanta Brewery corned beef. This year, we’ll be setting up in the gorgeous dog park at ParkGrounds Coffee.

RSVPs available tomorrow, Tuesday March 10th at 11am 3pm. Password to RSVP given out to mailing list only.

UPDATE: Wow, you guys are the fastest RSVPers in the South! Limited admits available at ParkGrounds – swing by with your pup for some java.

Welcome visitors!

rogueApron on! (just not in this screenshot)

Hi and welcome to – the home for Atlanta’s underground supperclub and speakeasy.

We’re a passionate group of folks – our volunteers put on monthly dinners in rotating locations, paired with delicious homebrew from East Atlanta Brewery. We work with local farmers, growers, designers, and artists to create delicious, laidback and accessible dinners. Join our mailing list. Come to a dinner, meet really great people. Our site is chockful of info, so zoom around to see what we’re about.

Our next dinner is our 1 year anniversary – March 17th. Reservations available soon to our mailing list.

And, if you’re a business type, check out the Lady Rogue Business Network – a nonsucky networking group that spun out of rogueApron dinners.

Thanks for checking us out!


Lady Rogue

(P.s. Woohoo rogueApron on!! Check the article!)

Soup Line Approaches!

rogueApron soup line

Hey guys –

I can’t tell you how excited I am for Soup Line coming up on the 11th. I know I’m not the only one freaked out by the economy – I don’t really know enough to understand what’s happening, but I can see the effects around me. It’s pretty easy to get depressed, especially if you read the NYTimes all day, check your 401k balance, or can’t get gas for your car.

I’m not an economist. I can’t understand or fix the problems. But what we can do is come together as a community to share a meal. It’s a simple act, but it shatters preconceptions. We can change what we do. We can change how we act. We can connect with each other on a local level, and come up with solutions to make the lives of our neighbors fundamentally better.

I thank all of you who have made a reservation. It really is inspirational to me that so many of you are willing to come with an empty bowl in hand, to meet your neighbors.

I just wanted to borrow a moment of your day to say, with sincerity: thank you.


Lady Rogue

Soup Line

October 11th • 2-4pm • a Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown park
Bring: bowl, spoon, park stuffs (dogs, frisbees, blankets)
$20 suggested donation
[More info]

Oh, and p.s. If you need to make a change to your reservation, please let me know ASAP – we are making very specific amounts of soup to serve different diets.