Atlanta’s Biggest Picnic. Word.

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This is going to be a good and powerful thing, my friends! I am very excited to serve as host for this inspirational organizational meeting!

You guys know the drill – schools are cash-strapped, and school lunches are super-processed. 1 in 3 kids born after 1990 will develop diabetes in their lifetime – that’s a third of our country with a serious health issue. Given that 18 percent of folks are without health insurance – myself included – this becomes a major economic draw on our country.

But we can make a change. We can send a united message to our Congress that we’d like to see the budget for school lunches increased. We’d like to see powerful, financial incentives for schools to change their existing programs to include more fresh vegetables and fruits.

And we can do this by … having a picnic!

Yep, Monday, September 7th in Piedmont Park. Slow Food Atlanta’s Eat In … supporting changes in the Child Nutrition Act.

Here’s where you come in. Join us at rogueApron HQ on August 5th for an organizational meeting. Judith Winfrey, Leader of Slow Foods Atlanta, will be on hand to answer questions. You’ll get a chance to connect with your neighbors, and pick up tools to help your organize your picnic. Atlanta has a proud and powerful history of grassroots organizing … this is our generation’s moment.

• Sign the online petition at
• Visit’s “What You Can Do” section of their sites for ideas on pitching in … whether you’ve got 5 minutes to spare or a lot more.
• Join us at rogueApron HQ for an organizational meeting August 5. You know how we roll, bring booze and snacks to share. RSVP here.
• Invite a friend. Please share this message with friends – parents, organizers, business people, teachers, musicians, churchfolk, artists, hipsters and punks. Whether you love food, your city, your kids, or just sticking it to the man – there is something for everyone to get out of this awesome day.

WORD. RSVP here for organizing day or to help spread the word. More to come on the picnic itself.

Lady Rogue

Looking for press releases, petitions, logos, letters, and more materials? Check out our Facebook page! and follow Slow Food Atlanta on Twitter.


Food Inc. Movie and Mixer

Food Inc. Showing Soon!

rogueApron is proud to welcome you to an exclusive showing of Food, Inc – the food industry documentary that has critics going nuts over its awesomeness. 7:10pm, this Thursday July 9th at Midtown Art Cinema.

Our friends at Five Seasons Brewery are providing us with delicious brew. Show up at 6:30 for beers and mixing.

rogueApron is pleased to work with Georgia Organics and Slow Food Atlanta to bring people together over good food – be sure to sign up for their mailing lists when you arrive! Door prizes include schwag from Local Farmstand and rogueApron tshirts.



Tickets go live at 10am tomorrow morning – Tuesday, July 6.
• $10 admission covers your movie entrance. $.99 goes to Eventbrite, the software we use.
• Buy your ticket online from us, not from Midtown. We have booked the entire showing.
• Print out your confirmation email from Eventbrite – that is your ticket!
• Show up, grab a beer and enjoy the flick!

I hear you, man. I promise I’ll hold your hand and cover your eyes when you need.

Woohoo – exclusive rogueApron showings of films!


Lady Rogue

FREE PIE! comes to ATL

Free Pie!

Those of you who have volunteered with us at rogueApron know that there’s really nothing better than the feeling you get, handing people a warm plate of deliciousness to enjoy.

It’s addictive – and it’s a simple act of kindness that can make all the other badness – like 401k crash, pirates, and swine flu just disappear.

So, we’d like to recruit you to the concept of Free Pie.

Yep, Free Pie.

It’s not a rogueApron thang per se – our lovely friends Melissa and Reena are the geniuses behind this movement – but it seemed like something that folks in our community would really enjoy.

So. Make A Pie. Choose a Spot. Give It Away.

May 16.

Yep, it’s really that simple – and that good.

For more info on this simple, rad idea, visit the site at, and sign up for the list on the bottom right of the site.

The gals are recruiting neighborhood captains; check this map at Sign up on eventbrite for your neighborhood!

If you love this idea – and you should! – please help us recruit captains by printing out the flyer below and placing it in traffic’d areas, like your favorite coffeeshop. You da best!

Free Pie!

Haps from rogueApron

Hey all …

We know many of you are as passionate about supporting good food for Georgia as we are. So here are two opportunities coming up for ya … plus a sneek peek bout the next dinner.

FRIDAY MAY 1. Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) conference & mixer

After a day-long conference/conversation over at St. Philips Cathedral, lots of movers and shakers in the local food movement will convene at Food 101.

If you’d like to get involved in local food change, join us at Food 101 in the Highlands for patio drinks and food-forward conversation.

More info on ALFI and the mixer:

FRIDAY MAY 8. rogueApron’s Chef to School program

rogueApron is proud to announce our first Chef to School event at Cook Elementary school on Memorial near downtown. If you’d like to assist Lady Rogue with simple cooking demonstrations, please drop a line at

NEXT DINNER. Oh, you guys always want to know. How does a magical garden dinner with an Alice in Wonderland theme sound to you? Follow the white rabbit … you’ve got until the first weekend in June to get your costume ready. Registration available soon.


Lady Rogue

Sticks & Stones Details

next event!

Hey guys!

Sticks and Stones is NEXT week – Saturday the 18th. We had a chance to visit Collins at Harvest Farms today, putting together the details of the event. This is gonna be a lot of fun … we have some teamwork, games, and rad headgear planned for you guys … plus helping kickstart a local organic farm that (really) needs our help.

We’ll send out the link for confirmation early next week – here’s a quick note with some reminders:

• COMMUNAL PICNIC CLOTH: Have an old sheet or blanket? Or a few? Please bring it to contribute to our communal picnic area. Our volunteers will set up a lovely dining area with your contribution – either take it home at the end of the day, or leave it for future rA picnics.

• TREAT CONTEST: If your hands are itching to cook, enter our treat contest. Bring a treat to share … winner takes home a rogueApron tshirt.

• REUSABLE CUPS & PLATES: In order to cut down on waste, please bring your own cup & plate for beer & picnic. Yay green!

• NEED TO SWITCH SHIFTS? A few of you guys emailed about this … yes, it’s absolutely no problem at all if you’d like to switch from AM to PM or vice versa. We’ll send out the confirmation form early next week; just confirm appropriately.

• WANT TO VOLUNTEER FOR SETUP OR KITCHEN PREP? We can always use a few extra hands, so email if you’d like to join the prep party (Friday, 17th) or help setup the day of (18th).

• HAVEN’T RSVP’D? Still time. Do it @



Lady Rogue

Lady Rogue Business Network: First Workshop

first LRBN workshop!

So, most of you guys know that we created a spin-off entity, the Lady Rogue Business Network, in order to better connect all the great DIY entrepreneurs we were meeting and partnering with at events. Hey, Atlanta’s cool like that.

Our little network of rad folks is over 100 folks strong at the moment (hooray nonsucky networking). Members have asked us to start putting together workshops – on subjects as varied as social media, photography, and business licenses. Heck, we gotta support each other in rough times, right?

So, announcing our very first workshop7pm at ParkGrounds Coffee [map] in Reynoldstown. (What can we say, we love that joint, and we want to support it as much as possible!). Join us on April 8th for a lil learning, a lil networking, and … oh heck … maybe a slug of Irish Cream Whiskey in your coffee. (You know how we roll.) $10 donation – more if you feel it was worth more. Lead by the infamously web-nerdy Lady Rogue. Erm, me.


Hope to see you out!

p.s. If you haven’t checked out our business network yet, do so now! These folks are super nice and rogueApron approved!

rogueApron Field Trip: Sticks & Stones

next event!

rogueApron is happy to announce our very first field trip!

Join our merry band to travel to Harvest Farm, Atlanta’s 12 acre urban farm. Sticks, stones, and dirt comprise the lot now – but farmer Collins Davis is changing all that. The trees have been cleared, the seedlings have been planted, the chickens are growing up fast – now we just need some hands in there to help pickup sticks!

$10 donation covers lunch, beer & stupid stuff like toilet paper and ice

Two shifts – AM (9am-noon) and PM (noon-3pm) means that everyone eats together.

Terrapin India Style Brown Ale for all – bring a cup with a lid, and a plate for your picnic lunch


9am: Yeah, waking up early sucks. Meet us on the back porch of Joe’s Coffee in East Atlanta to get your caffeine on.

9:15am: Carpool departs for Harvest Farm. Have to leave early? Take your own transport, but the rest of us will try to conserve le fuel.


Noon: Oh yeah, you know it’s sandwich time. A special rogueApron-style picnic spread rewards your hard work.

Treat Contest: A rogueApron t-shirt goes to the person who brings the best picnic-style treat to share!


Noon: Arrive at Harvest Farms for lunch!

3pm: Oh, you did good. Depart for civilization (only ten minutes north!) for the afterparty at Midway Pub.

Reservations go live at 10am, Thursday April 2.


• Dude, you are getting dir-tay! Wear comfy work clothes, and sneakers.

• If you’re rocking the pasty white skin, bring the hats and the sunscreen.