On the list for tonight?

Lady and the Tramp

If you’ve confirmed your reservation – or snagged a spot from the waiting list – you’re on the list. ParkGrounds Coffee, 7pm.

A lovely greeter will welcome you with a shot of housemade Irish Cream Whiskey. Think chocolate ice cream – only booze.

Find your nametag, and be ready to help us celebrate our first anniversary!

ParkGrounds Coffee
$25 suggested cash donation. No checks.
$5 afterparty (if you want to drink and drink and drink)


psst. Next Event February 13th.


February’s Friday the 13th is reserved for us. Join us at Park Grounds Coffee in Reynoldstown for a twist on the romantic. Menu details still developing, but East Atlanta Brewery’s busy brewing a bitter in their new setup. Reservations go live at 11am Wednesday February 4th.

Not on the mailing list? Fix that.

rogueApron’s Grinchmas Eve

grinchmas eve

All their windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air.
All the Whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care
When he came to the first little house on the square.
“This is stop number one,” the old Grinchy Claus hissed …
And he climbed to the roof, grocery bags in his fist.

Then he set up the tables. A rather tight pinch.
But if Santa could do it, then so could the Grinch.
He set up the bar, the kitchen, the lights
It was splendid! A riot! Oh, quite a sight!

The guests arrived, yes, with smiles oh so pleasant,
To decorate, to laugh; yes all without presents
Egg nog! And beer! More beer! Cheddar grits!
Roast-beasts and Who-pudding! And laughs, the whole bit!

Christmas Eve, for rogueApron, our guests and new friends
A holiday itself – tiny hearts tend to mend
Two sizes too small? Then, please, come and join us.
Reservations go live – 10am Monday mornings.

rogueApron’s Grinchmas Eve
8pm, December 24 • East Atlanta

Mama Mediterranean

rogueApron Mama Mediterranean

Our July 30th rogueApron event will be food inspired by the bright blue of the Mediterranean. Greek, Italian and Turkish influences will blend in a multi-course meal (with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options!). As much food as possible will be sourced locally, so our menu will be finalized in the days prior to the event.


Plan on adana kebabs, pide, moussakka, fresh vegetable salads and some trademark rogue-infused liquors. East Atlanta Brewery is brewing a Pale Ale – sure to remind you of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, but with a freshness only EAB can deliver.

Reservations, Locations and Donations

Reservations are free – cash donations are accepted at the door. We suggest $20 donations – if you are able to contribute more, we greatly appreciate it! We will contact you to confirm your reservation and to give you the address of the event. Please provide accurate phone, email and snail-mail addresses – you never know how we’ll contact you!

First time?

If you are a rogueApron newbie, welcome! Read up on our events. If you would like to come, but can’t swing the donation, please check out our participation options and send us an email. (If you’ve been to an event before, you are welcome to join our ‘Friends of RogueApron‘ site for first dibs at event reservations.)

Roll Your Own – Sushi!

veggie sushi

Dear Friends of Rogue –

You talk and we listen – just as many of you are as wild about food as we are! So why on earth should we have all the fun?

Our June 21st event is a Roll Your Own … sushi party, of course. Brace your wrists for an evening learning how to craft delicate vegetarian sushi favorites like roasted garlic, chive and granny smith apple. We’ll divide our guests into teams, and pit them against each other in a friendly competition to come up with the best roll … with lots of guidance, hot hors d’oeuvres, and plenty of delicious infused sakes.


A generous selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a smattering of fresh fish, all prepped and ready for you to roll into your own sushi creations. (Don’t worry – we’ll be on hand to teach you the trade, and offer suggestions on tasty combinations.)

Hors d’oeuveres will include peanut satays, edamame, and other treats.

Drinks and such

Delicious infused sakes will catch you off your guard, and we’ll have a selection of other favorites to infuse your senses.


We’re very excited to announce a partnership with our friends at Urban Cottage, Virginia Highland’s super-cute-and-not-snotty eclectic boutique. In concert with local artist Carla Kaiser, Urban Cottage will be outfitting rogueApron tables with gorgeous tablewares and linens – with a small selection of goodies available for your summer gift-giving.

Dates and Reservations

Join us Saturday, June 21 for an intimate evening in an Old Fourth Ward loft. Make your reservation soon – this is a 20-person event that will sell out quickly. Event on Facebook.

Due to the high cost of sushi-quality fish, we are asking attendees for a $40 donation.

Ah, summer … we can’t wait! June brings us sushi and a big Texas-style BBQ!