Our Brewing Pals


rogueApron has partnered with our beer-brewing pals – an independent homebrew company putting together some of the finest in high gravity locally brewed beer. With a combined 5 years of homebrewing experience, they bring their expertise to rogueApron events, expertly crafting beers to match our menus.

BBQ Pale Ale

Picture this: It’s a warm June evening. The fireflies are peppering the air around you with winks of neon luminescence. The smell of pork and bourbon wood smoke wafts gently around you. Your mouth is dry; yearning. And then you take that sip of our BBQ Pale Ale. You are not in heaven, but you are probably making some of those who are a little jealous. Our newest brew features mostly American 2-row grains and hopped moderately with Amarillo and Cascades. The beer is a pale straw color and little bubbles of love make their way to it’s surface to greet the aroma of some excellent barbecue. Our BBQ Pale Ale is sure to remind you of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, but with a freshness only we can deliver. Cheers!

rogueApron Grinchmas

Belgian-style Nutmeg Witbier

Brewed with fresh nutmeg, coriander and bitter orange peel, this lightly-hopped Wit has a delicate spiciness, with a floral aroma on top of a yeasty wheat flavor, and finished off with a citrusy aftertaste. It pours a cloudy, straw yellow color with a light, white head.

Coconut Island Extravaganza

Roasted Coconut Porter a.k.a LikaTitiCoco Porter

In keeping with the trends of our Hawaiian cohorts The Maui Brewing Company, we’ve whipped up a batch of one of our more experimental brews. Our Roasted Coconut Porter uses only natural unsweetened shaved coconut that we freshly roast to a golden brown and our Locust Solstice Porter recipe. The aroma of the roasting coconut was such a wonderful smell to have in addition to the sweetness of a brewing day. The beer should pour an opaque dark brown with a creamy off-white head. The mouth feel should provide a warm tingling sensation (hehe) with a medium to strong body. This porter has been beefed up a bit with the addition of molasses to the recipe which should offer some smoked/roasted undertones. In addition, some of the roasted coconut will be dry hopped in the serving vessel and should provide a pleasant coconut/nuts/coffee presence in the aroma and aftertaste. Aloha ahiahi! Meul Kaulkama! a.k.a. CHEERS!”


St. Paddy’s Day Brewing Notes from Brewmaster Dave

Our Locust Solstice Porter (5.5% ABV) is brewed using a modified recipe from a good friend in Denver. This dark delicious brew is made using a bunch of caramel, biscuit and other roasted belgian grains. It’s hopped moderately with fuggle and chinook varieties to lend a mild bitterness and a delicate flowery aroma. This brew also has the distinction of being fermented with New Belgian Brewery’s Fat Tire yeast strain. This yeast gives our porter a distinct Fat Tire flavor and imparts a very drinkable quality to the beer. This beer is our first to be bottled, as we typically keg to save time. This porter is one of my favorite brews and I hope you get to try a sip or three.

In order to properly celebrate St Patty’s Day, we have brewed up an Irish Red Ale to serve as a social lubricant at Rogue Apron’s first dinner. Our Irish Red Ale looks to be a nice shade of red, however we may be dying it green to avoid those pinches that seems to sneak up on you during this wonderful day of beer and delicious food. I still have bruises from last year … This tasty brew comes mainly from English 2-row malt, but has some caramel, melanoidin, and a pinch of roasted barley to give it a reddish hue. Due to the hop shortage of 08, we have used some new/rare varieties to bitter this beer. Let us know what you think of this beer, as we always welcome feedback be it good or “constructive”. The only inherent reason this beer can be called Irish (aside from the day we’re drinking it) is the strain of yeast chosen-an Irish strain!! This yeast produces a dryer than usual beer with a bit of a kick (about 6.5 % ABV). Slainte!

Want to contact our brew-brewing pals? Send the Lady Rogue a detailed email at ladyrogueATL@gmail.com

2 Responses

  1. hope to see this on the next beer festival. picked up some info at http://www.eastatlanta.com

  2. I am a long time EAV resident and now have a bio dynamic, organic farm in Powder Springs. I am interested in your spent hops for our compost. I’d be interested in talking to you.


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