What your donation goes towards

In the interest of complete transparency, here’s a short explanation of how donations work for rogueApron.

When calculating the ‘suggested donation’ for a rogueApron event, we take into considerations the following:

  • Food costs
  • Equipment to buy/rent (like tables, plates, pots, sushi rolling mats)
  • Disposable items (napkins, plastic cups, candles)
  • Alcohol costs (welcome shots, hops for making beer)
  • Space rental costs (like deposits and permits for using public parks)

We also carefully weigh “what you get” in exchange for your donation. We try hard to provide a comparable value to a bar/restaurant – for an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and several adult beverages, our suggested donations are usually far less than you’d pay when dining out.

We never “charge” you guys for the following:

  • Our time
  • The gas we use to shop for all of these items (considerable these days!)

All of the donations return to a piggy bank, which we use to fund future events. Some events – like Soup Line – require the purchase of infrastructure items like giant pots. We shop carefully for these items, and try very hard to borrow before buying. (See ‘Donations’ page for a wish-list.)

We are passionate about the use of local and sustainable food sources, and we’re trying very hard to transition our supperclub to be as green as it can be, while still maintaining a low suggested donation.

At the moment, no one is personally profiting from rogueApron events. We’re passionate about the rogueApron community and we’d like to make this a full-time job one day. If and when that happens, we’ll let you guys know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. It tells me that you really care about rogueApron!


Lady Rogue

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