If you’ve joined us for a rogueApron event, we’d love to hear from ya. What was your favorite part of the meal? What recipe would you like to steal from us? What should we do for our next event?

Thanks so much for your support!!


13 Responses

  1. What a fun experience! I truly appreciated that the chefs included vegans (AND vegetarian AND meat eaters) in their menu. Dare i mention the balls-out impromptu dance party took place after the meal? This was a great start to something i hope to attend again in the near future.
    rougeApron, get moving on the next event… you’ll find my ass there fo’ sho’.

  2. Lots of fun on Monday night. Great food, fun people and pretty ladies shaking tail-feathers post meal.

    When’s the next one?

  3. I had a great time! The food was awesome and the people were awesomer. I couldn’t stop thinking about that irish soda bread or the guinness chocolate pudding.

    I can’t wait for the next event. I’ll even volunteer to help!

  4. The food and drink were awesome and I had a great time meeting so many cool people. I think I even saw a leprechaun hiding up in a tree! :) I can’t wait for the next one.

  5. i had an amazing time. i never thought cabbage could taste so crisp,yummy and buttery, even when cooked! the beer was smooth and went well with the butter shot…i mean homemade bailey’s. mmm butter face.

  6. It’s a stretch to get me to envy the vegan dishes with the same fervor I’d usually covet the meat. Well done on that and all other fronts.

  7. damned good food yall. I liked the caraway, I thought it was fennel at first but somebody set me straight…see you next time.

  8. Well I’m pretty sure your infused Vodka did me in, but I had a BLAST! I had been craving steak for so long and that satisfied me perfectly (ooohhh…).

    The pictures are amazing .. cant wait for the next one … the suspense is killing me!

  9. Lady and Sir(s) Rogue – Excellent, excellent evening last Monday. The jerk tofu was great! And, my man loved his meat selection. I’m pretty sure all we talked about the next day was the fabulousness of the coconut porter and how well it went with the food. We can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Pissed, pissed, pissed that I had to miss out on Sushi Rolling … but cant wait for BBQ. Let me know the second the date is set!

  11. Had a wonderful time, thank you so much! I look cant wait for the next event! Delicious food, beer and wine..and loved the veggie option – thanks for not excluding those of us who opt out of the meat venue!

  12. This was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect… but when you’re handed a shot as soon as you walk in, you know you’re going to have a good time ;-). I was pleasantly surprised by the lemon vodka & basil combo by the way… all the food was excellent… Dave’s homebrewed Bitter was quite tasty… and we met some great people… Can’t wait until next time!

  13. This was my 1st time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great food, drink, and conversation. My only wish was that there was a little more options in the meat department. I’m looking forward to the next dinner. Thanks.

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