Atlanta’s Biggest Picnic. Word.

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This is going to be a good and powerful thing, my friends! I am very excited to serve as host for this inspirational organizational meeting!

You guys know the drill – schools are cash-strapped, and school lunches are super-processed. 1 in 3 kids born after 1990 will develop diabetes in their lifetime – that’s a third of our country with a serious health issue. Given that 18 percent of folks are without health insurance – myself included – this becomes a major economic draw on our country.

But we can make a change. We can send a united message to our Congress that we’d like to see the budget for school lunches increased. We’d like to see powerful, financial incentives for schools to change their existing programs to include more fresh vegetables and fruits.

And we can do this by … having a picnic!

Yep, Monday, September 7th in Piedmont Park. Slow Food Atlanta’s Eat In … supporting changes in the Child Nutrition Act.

Here’s where you come in. Join us at rogueApron HQ on August 5th for an organizational meeting. Judith Winfrey, Leader of Slow Foods Atlanta, will be on hand to answer questions. You’ll get a chance to connect with your neighbors, and pick up tools to help your organize your picnic. Atlanta has a proud and powerful history of grassroots organizing … this is our generation’s moment.

• Sign the online petition at
• Visit’s “What You Can Do” section of their sites for ideas on pitching in … whether you’ve got 5 minutes to spare or a lot more.
• Join us at rogueApron HQ for an organizational meeting August 5. You know how we roll, bring booze and snacks to share. RSVP here.
• Invite a friend. Please share this message with friends – parents, organizers, business people, teachers, musicians, churchfolk, artists, hipsters and punks. Whether you love food, your city, your kids, or just sticking it to the man – there is something for everyone to get out of this awesome day.

WORD. RSVP here for organizing day or to help spread the word. More to come on the picnic itself.

Lady Rogue

Looking for press releases, petitions, logos, letters, and more materials? Check out our Facebook page! and follow Slow Food Atlanta on Twitter.


Attn: Gardeners. Give Us Your Bounty!

romaine from notfromsunnybrookfarm's yarden

OK, all you happy gardeners out there, merrily tending your runaway beds of tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. What on earth can you do with all this bounty? Please consider selling your excess vegetables to rogueApron! We would love for our dollars circulate right back into the community and have fresh, local and organic vegetables for our meals!

Announcing, then, the rogueApron Buy & Barter Program!

Please contact us at so we can get a sense for what you might have and when!

You’re the best!

Lady Rogue

A Dinner and A Thank You

Thank you dinner

A spiral of sesame marinated cucumbers grew in Rebecca Notofsunnybrookfarm’s garden; their thin crunch a welcome contrast to the spicy chipotle creamed potato, corn and spinach. Sharp basil, and the heft of Decimal Place goat feta contrast the slow lingering burn of the chipotle; corn kernels roasted then fried pop in my mouth. Sweet Whipporrwill sungolds tomatoes squish open with glee as I devour the last bits of the quiche; niman ham, leeks, and poblano.

It is a spicy meal – not one I would serve to guests; the sesame and basil offputting to the familiar Southwestern spices I crave.

It is a Georgian meal. Goats milked by my friend Christi lent the tang to the potatoes and the quiche; the feta Mary made was my guilty indulgence. My friend Margie drove all over Athens and back for my leeks, my spinach, my potatoes, my corn, my tomatoes – it is her relationship with the farms has me full. My friend Amy delivered this bounty while I napped.

And today I spent on a long field trip with my friend Duane, sourcing meats for the next dinner, scouting out locations, and gleefully scheming the details.

This has been a happy day, full of ideas from my talk with my friend Judith about the upcoming communal picnic in Piedmont Park, to help bring this experience to school lunchrooms.

It is not often in life that we find ourselves with such an abundance of luck. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting rogueApron.

I never could have imagined being here.

Invite from our friends at Staple House

Invite from our friends at Staple House!

Jen and Ryan Hidiger are that couple that make you go … really?

Really? You guys are this nice? And really … this good looking, and talented, and you live in a beautiful magazine house?

No, really – they are – the world’s nicest couple. And, oh, hey, he just happens to be a super talented chef (currently at Muss & Turner’s), who runs an oh-so-not-secret underground restaurant (prelude to staplehouse), that is – as the name suggests – a prelude to opening his own restaurant. Check their site for food porn.

But opening a restaurant takes some bucks, and that’s where you come in.

Join prelude to staplehouse for Tacos @ Hidiger’s on Labor Day Weekend. Cajachina Roasted Pig, Fire Pit Chicken Pazole, Tacos al Carbon, and more await you … all to the tune of ATL band Kingsized. Throw in a projector featuring Three Amigos, and you’re pretty much good to go.

Your $25 donation will help this couple build the fund for their own restaurant!

RSVPs will go SUPER FAST for this limited event, so email the ridiculously awesome couple at now.

Food Inc. Recap

Hey guys –

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to be in a packed theatre of folks – some crouching in the aisles – as we collectively laughed and gasped at Food Inc. on Thursday.

I am sure a bunch of you came away with questions – what you can do to eat better, what you can do to change the way food is produced in our country.

Here’s a start!

We’ll do our best to get you an answer from an expert.

Our friends at Georgia Organics and Slow Foods Atlanta work with these types of issues on a full-time basis. They are the best resource for upcoming volunteer opportunities, dinners, and information on eating well in Atlanta.

I love the idea that we vote with our dollars – it is true that you have the opportunity to vote with each meal!

rogueApron is super excited to take part in the Atlanta Eat In – a community potluck, statement, and good time. Coming up on September 7th – expect more details soon!

As always, rogueApron is awesome because of our community. Three cheers to MC CM (Ms. Carrington, Happy Birthday!), patient beer-pourers Dave and Matt, general badass Christina, poster designer Katie Kaiser, Midtown Art Cinema, Five Seasons Brewery, Michael and Stephanie at Georgia Organics, and Judith from Slow Foods!

Loves the Lady R

Food Inc. Movie and Mixer

Food Inc. Showing Soon!

rogueApron is proud to welcome you to an exclusive showing of Food, Inc – the food industry documentary that has critics going nuts over its awesomeness. 7:10pm, this Thursday July 9th at Midtown Art Cinema.

Our friends at Five Seasons Brewery are providing us with delicious brew. Show up at 6:30 for beers and mixing.

rogueApron is pleased to work with Georgia Organics and Slow Food Atlanta to bring people together over good food – be sure to sign up for their mailing lists when you arrive! Door prizes include schwag from Local Farmstand and rogueApron tshirts.



Tickets go live at 10am tomorrow morning – Tuesday, July 6.
• $10 admission covers your movie entrance. $.99 goes to Eventbrite, the software we use.
• Buy your ticket online from us, not from Midtown. We have booked the entire showing.
• Print out your confirmation email from Eventbrite – that is your ticket!
• Show up, grab a beer and enjoy the flick!

I hear you, man. I promise I’ll hold your hand and cover your eyes when you need.

Woohoo – exclusive rogueApron showings of films!


Lady Rogue

Photos from Alice in Wonderland

Hey all!

Alice in Wonderland was truly magical! Our guests wandered in Hydrangea Heaven, snagging treats and sipping locally brewed IPAs and Nutmeg Wit. I really can’t do justice to the beauty of the gardens … check the photos below!

The rogueApron community really came through for this one … we have such a long list of people to thank!

Photos below by Amy Herr Photography. We heart Ms. Amy!

Alice in Wonderland
Magical details abound in Hydrangea Heaven …

Alice in Wonderland
… Like a frog who lives among the lilypads.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
A welcome shot of housemade strawberry and celery hooch; courtesy the teachings of the Urban Gardener, Farmer Duane.

Alice in Wonderland
Our host, Ed the Mad Hatter, and his daughter Alia the White Rabbit. Alia kept inquiring what we were dressing up as next weekend. Ed wrote us after the event:

“Anything that makes Alia feel that great and allows her to have so much fun will always be double-plus-good in my book (apparently Orwell’s “1984”). Thanks for being the catalyst for a very special father/daughter day. I am eternally grateful.”

Alice in Wonderland
Our friends at Endive Catering, Chef Drew, Kim and Susan, worked their signature ingredient into their goat cheese offering. We cannot express how kind they are! They were the magical hands in the kitchen, plating things like …

Alice in Wonderland
… Tittle Bean Salad with Riverview Farms microgreens…

Alice in Wonderland
… and Unbirthday Pasta Salad with Crystal Farms beet pesto (idea courtesy Chef Ottensmeyer), and snap pea candles …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
… and Tea Party Drumsticks, tea-marinated and basted in Hidden Springs honey.

Alice in Wonderland
Melissa and Reena of Relish design were the geniuses behind the look of the event. With a shoestring budget, the girls created gorgeous – using green, thrifted, and reusable materials. We highly recommend them for any event you’ve got coming … they are brilliant and so fun to work with, and have such great as ideas as …

Alice in Wonderland
Blow me. Ha!

Alice in Wonderland
Designer Jill Brunner’s brilliant custom labels for rA wine …

Alice in Wonderland
Off with your head! Check the Queen of Hearts and Ms. Alice. Amazingly, both gals said they already owned these dresses …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Seven is our youngest regular. Is that going to be a dated point of reference for him in high school? “Oh yeah, my parents dragged me to underground supperclubs when I was a kid.”

Alice in Wonderland

Bear Maker Brownies… so good they’ll turn you into a bear! Brandon of Bear Maker donated these delicious brownies – what can I say, if you had them, you know how awesome they are. Check ’em out at Outwrite Bookstore, or contact them via their website. So. Efffing. Good.

Shadow Baker Strikes Again
This girl cannot be stopped. Check Danielle’s awesome Alice in Wonderland cupcakes. She makes custom ‘cakes that you can pass off as your own creations; email her at

I couldn’t find any photos of the vibrant red Pomegranate Green Tea that Republic of Tea Todd donated. So imagine it here.

rogueApron’s community is what makes these events possible. You guys are all super rad!

PROPS: prep party participants Lyn, Amy & Jeff, Becca Kern!, Melissa & Reena.
Dave and Mass for stopping by with treats. Sarah for helping transport. Melissa and Reena. In a word: FREE PIE!
Heather for the spreadsheet love. Duane and Robin for the arrows and hooch know-how. Jane and the Endive crew, Kim, Chef Drew and Susan for expertise in the kitchen. Caitlin and the Cheshire Cat for the caterpillar. Ben and Katy for bar owning! Emily for enforcing. Todd for the Tea.
Valerie and Jennie for greeting and doing the contest thang. Michelle and Ryan for the cards detailing. Stacey for candle setup and her sweet smile.

Lady Rogue Business Network members who donated prizes to the gift bags: Stories of Gen for the amazingly-packaged coasters, for gift certificates, East Atlanta Farmer’s Market for canvas bags filled with delicious local food, chopsticks by Chinese Southern Belle, cards by Natty Michelle. You are all badasses.

Crap, did I forget you? THANK YOU!

And now … Flickr photos by Return of the Unicorn!
eat me

coats & things

blowing bubbles take 3

what a card