There are many, many ways to participate in a future rogueApron event in exchange for discounted admission. Read on, or just email us directly!

Official Welcomer/Tallykeeper

We need people to welcome folks to events, let them know how it all works, and to facilitate donations. Generally speaking, this involves arriving early, and hanging out near the entrance for a few hours – so it’s a good gig for you and a friend. [More info.]


Part of the fun of a rogueApron event is our rotating nature – it’s a chance to meet a whole new slice of Atlantans. Here’s how it works. We’ll need to visit your location before the event in order to see how your kitchen is set up and what kind of seating is available. It’s best if we can schedule this as far in advance as possible. The day before, we’ll need to drop off materials and set up tables. Day of is for cooking, and small details like centerpieces. We generally start early and run late – with plenty of music and jokes the whole day. Interested? Here’s an FAQ about hosting, and a short survey with the info we’ll need about your availability.

Server/Facilitator of Good Times

We can always use folks to help us bring dishes to guests, to collect dirty dishes and bring them back to the kitchen, and to offer folks refills on beverages. We especially appreciate if you can keep an eye out for rogueApron newbies – offer them a welcome shot, and introduce them to some new friends.

Dishwasher/Keeper of Clean

It’s not glamorous, but it’s gotta get done. Join us for an evening of dinner and drinks, and then, once the guests are dispersing, help us tidy up by getting down and dirty with your bad scrubbing self. [More info.]

Marketing & Promotional Support

Can you help rogueApron out with promotions? We’d be happy to hear your ideas!

Donator of Things

Used restaurant or catering equipment? Tables, chairs, linens? A hookup with free booze or other material goods? We’re all ears – check out our wish list.

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