Hosting FAQ

One of the most rewarding parts of a rogueApron experience is the rotating, ad-hoc nature of our events. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re interested, fill out out our hosting survey or email us !

Q. Do I have to do a lot of work to be a host?

A. Your level of involvement is up to you. Some of our hosts have professional cooking experience and want to be as hands-on as possible; others would prefer to hand over the keys while they run errands. A rogueApron event can be the easiest party you’ve ever hosted – or you can join us in the fun of menu planning and cooking.

Q. Is my apartment/home/space big enough?

A. Well, that really depends on the nature of the rogueApron event. Homes with big backyards are suited to barbecues, and apartments can be great spots for interactive stuff like learning to roll sushi. We are pretty creative when it comes to space!

Q. Does it cost money to host?

A. Nope. rogueApron pays for all the costs associated with an event (which is why donations are so important to us). We try to bring as many of the basics as possible, like foil, paper towels, dish soap and toilet paper.

Q. I do not have a lot of kitchen stuff, or chairs, or tables, or …

A. Part of the fun of a rogueApron event is transforming someone’s private space into an enjoyable dining experience. Our guests are cool folks — they are not expecting you to have 50 matching chairs. We will work with your existing setup.

Q. I live OTP and would love to host. Is that OK?

A. At the moment, we are concentrating on events within the perimeter. We do end up ferrying quite a bit of stuff around in preparation for a rogueApron event, and intown locations make it a lot easier for our volunteers. That being said, we’ll keep you in mind for the future!

I am a vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian/person with allergies/someone who loves goat cheese. Can we tailor an event for my dining preferences?

A. All rogueApron events are designed to be inclusive of different dietary preferences. We always offer a delicious vegan and vegetarian alternatives to any meat-based menu — indeed, about 10 percent of our guests don’t eat meat. We make all of our food from scratch, so with enough notice, we can accommodate any special dietary needs. Just be sure to provide us with all of the info we’d need. All that being said, we cannot cater to individual preferences – especially if you can’t eat foods that touch, or vegetables make you squeamish.

I love ____ type of food. If I am a host, can this be the theme?

A. For the most part, yes. We are avid travelers, and we enjoy foods from all over the world. Collaborating on event themes is a lot of fun – so yes, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Q. How do folks know they can trust you? You’re a person on the Internet!

A. We maintain an anonymity on the Internet — but not in person. We’ve enjoyed girls-night-out glasses of rosé and backyard dinners of grilled quail with our hosts, where they get to know us, and ask as many questions as they’d like about our personal backgrounds or the rogueApron project. One of the best ways to see if hosting is right for you is discussing it over a delicious adult beverage.

Q. I have a small business that I would like to promote with a rogueApron event. Can we work that out?

A. Of course! So many of us are turning away from traditional corporate career paths and choosing creative and sustainable ways of making a living. We’d love to talk shop.

Any more questions on hosting? Feel free to email us directly!

Lady Rogue

8 Responses

  1. I would love to host an event! I live in East Cobb (OTP). I have lots of room inside and outside for seating. You can reach me on my cell phone, 7-331-7115 or my home phone, 7-509-0997.

  2. Hi! I’m interested in the possibility of hosting. In the arena of meat, I eat only fish – is it possible to host an event that acknowledges this? Not necessarily caters sole-ly (ha-ha…) to it, but provides a main course which I can partake in? Let me know !


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  5. I’m interested in joining, but similar to other concerns I do not have the space available and I live OTP…but I would love to help host!

    Can I join on the basis of just helping out others who are hosting?

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  7. interested in hosting, helping, just plain ole interested.

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