Smoky and the BBQ

Texas Smoked BBQ party ...

We’ve got a few event possibilities up our sleeves – and our surefire next great adventure is a Texas-style BBQ in East Atlanta. Our lovely hosts combine years of smoking experience with a passion for the pig – oh, and chicken, and vegetables. Lady Rogue earned more than a few kitchen spurs in Tejas herself, and she’s thrilled to join you lovely Apronlettes for our June 28th Texas-style BBQ!


Here’s what we know …
House-smoked pork & sweet tea chicken

Heaps of grilled veggies with a selection of herbed butters

Texas-style bacon pinto beans, and vegan chocolate chipotle black beans

Crisp-fresh cole-slaw, with an orange sesame dressing

And, most likely, heaps and heaps of old-fashioned white bread to soak up the goodness!

Brews and Booze

Our East Atlanta Brewery comrade Dave is gallivanting in South Africa at the moment – no doubt anxiously awaiting his return to brew. We’ll update with his brew notes upon his return!

Dates and Reservations

Ready to commit? Make a reservation here. We accept cash donations at the door to cover the cost of events; we suggest $20. ((We also welcome volunteer dishwashers in lieu of cash donations.))
Need some time to think about it? Join our mailing list for more updates.


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