Welcome to rogueApron.com!

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind month for rogueApron. This idea has been floating ever since I met the founders of New York’s Whisk & Ladle over a year ago in Lisbon.

Fast forward a year later, back in Atlanta. I’ve met Lord Apron and the goodfellas behind East Atlanta Brewery.

We’ve done a few test runs of rogueApron — notably our Asian-themed taco extravaganza in December, and now we’re ready to launch.

Our debut effort will be our St. Paddy’s Day Feast – an informal Irish-style gathering to help us raise seed capital for future events. The initial response from folks has been overwhelming – thanks to everyone who has added us as a friend on various websites!

We really look forward to joining Atlanta’s independent food community. Thanks for welcoming us!


Lady Rogue

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