Coconut Island Recap

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Dear Internet –

It’s been a few days, but I still have a smile on my face – our Coconut Island Extravaganza was such a smashing success thanks to your support!

It was really inspirational to see so many great folks come together to help us put together a social dining experience. In just under a few hours, we went from an empty backyard to a full-fledged party – it was really magical to watch.

Many thanks go out to Scott for the tent canopy, Mass for the tables, Molly and Casey for being greeters, Molly and Broderick for taking awesome pictures, Kristin for being her usual super-helpful self, for doing our signage, the Powe boys for helping with setup, Carrington for donating wine, Russ for sourcing our music, and Jenn and Eddie for doing such a bombass job helping us clean up.

As always, much appreciation to East Atlanta Brewery for partnering with us – I’m still thinking of their delicious Nutmeg Witber and the Roasted Coconut Porter.

And on a final note – thanks to all of you who came out and supported rogueApron – we really couldn’t do any of it without you. Please sign our guestbook and let us know what you thought!


Lady Rogue


Grilling Pineapple (credit: Broderick)


Coconut-Porter Marinated Tofu (credit: Broderick)

Tommy (credit: Broderick)


rogueApron sparkling water (credit: Broderick)


Adam (credit: Broderick)


Eddie sniffing our Spicy Tangerine Vodka (credit: Broderick)

Shot upon entrance

The ‘welcome shot’ … (credit: Molly)


Mass (credit: Broderick)

EAB x 2

EAB beers on tap (credit: Broderick)


Eating on the floor (credit: Molly)


Empty plates (credit: Broderick)

the food line up

Demolished buffet line (credit: Molly)

the little cup of decliciousness

Pineapple Coconut Truffles with a Papaya Granita (credit: Molly)

For more rogueApron pictures, visit our pool on Flickr.


Welcome to!

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind month for rogueApron. This idea has been floating ever since I met the founders of New York’s Whisk & Ladle over a year ago in Lisbon.

Fast forward a year later, back in Atlanta. I’ve met Lord Apron and the goodfellas behind East Atlanta Brewery.

We’ve done a few test runs of rogueApron — notably our Asian-themed taco extravaganza in December, and now we’re ready to launch.

Our debut effort will be our St. Paddy’s Day Feast – an informal Irish-style gathering to help us raise seed capital for future events. The initial response from folks has been overwhelming – thanks to everyone who has added us as a friend on various websites!

We really look forward to joining Atlanta’s independent food community. Thanks for welcoming us!


Lady Rogue

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