rogueApron introduces growBots

Hey guys …

Looking at the site I’m realizing it’s been a super long time since I’ve updated. Well – you know how life is … things have been all over the place. Although we’ve been lying low at rogueApron HQ, we’ve been planting the seeds for some really cool harvesting in the spring.

I thought I’d take a moment on a breezy, chilly Fall afternoon to share this little hint of the future with you.

Introducing … the growBot project

What happens when you get roboticists and growers together? When organic farmers detail their production processes to technologists who might have simple, small scale improvements?

The growbot project is about what happens in that conversation space.

We hope to create fertile ground for these imaginations.

And, yep, we’re motivated by finding an alternative to industrial production.

And robots. Awesome, awesome robots.

Lady Rogue
future growBot owner

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